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After a friend of a friend got married and raved about her wedding planner, I learned of buck & rose, led by Meghan Buck. We got together and I loved her enthusiasm for planning and designing beautiful events and felt like we bonded over our mutual obsession of hearts! Ha. I wanted to introduce her but also share her perspective on a few things:

Amber: Can you provide some thoughts on the process of budgeting?

Meghan: Budgeting a wedding is so personal, there isn’t a one size fits all calculator!  While certain areas can be approximated (For example, you will spend 50% for your reception costs, 8-10% on your attire, 8-10% on flowers, etc.) I always tell couples to prioritize their top three areas of focus.  What is the most important to them? If it’s their dream wedding venue, they may need to cut back in other areas to be able to fit it into the budget. Once I help our couples determine their three biggest priorities for the day, we’re able to build them a budget around what that looks like to help them achieve what they envision for their wedding day.

A: Where do you think are wise places to try and be more frugal versus what would you not suggest people try to cut corners or DIY? 

M: Truly, I am not a fan of DIY but I know that a lot of couples go that route to help them save money!  Usually it ends up being flowers, DJ, bartender (big yikes!!), or another area where the couple has a family member or friend who can help them save money.  My biggest piece of advice to couples is that weddings cost money and while you can cut back costs in certain areas, it is never a great idea to DIY unless they are ready for that commitment.  Looking back on my wedding day, we did DIY florals and while it helped us save money, it ended up being a lot of work the days leading up to our wedding. It’s so much more than just putting flowers in a cute vase.  It’s going to pick them up, prep them, prime them, and make sure that they don’t look dead when you go to arrange them…

A: Can you share a favorite moment with a past client /and what they taught you about this industry? 

M: So many favorite moments but what is most important to me is how happy our clients are on their wedding day.  When I see their face when they take a first look at the room or see them busting moves out on the dance floor in pure bliss, I know that we’ve done our job!  At buck & rose our mission is to help couples enjoy their wedding day to the fullest and it’s truly so special to be a part of their special day.

A: How do you work to be inclusive of all couples? 

M: We are absolutely welcoming and inclusive of all couples.  While we have yet to be a part of any LGBTQ weddings thus far, it is a goal of mine to make it happen in 2020.  I am working on planning a styled shoot to highlight an LGBTQ couple and by having that in our portfolio, I hope to create awareness that buck & rose is fully inclusive of everyone.

A: What’s one thing you would really love to be a part of for a couple?

M: Being able to help couples plan destination weddings.  While I love Minnesota and it is home to me, I would absolutely love to be able to help plan weddings across the world!  Italy, Paris, and Greece are just a few destinations I’ve been dreaming of. We’ll see what 2020 brings!

Meghan Buck, owner of buck & rose wedding planning in Minneapolis stands in front of a styled table decorated for a wedding.

Visit the buck & rose website to learn more about Meghan’s services! If you have any questions, I am sure she’d be glad to hear from you. And no, it’s not too early to book 2021 weddings!

Happy Planning!

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