Salem’s Scissors 2018 Spring Ediflorial

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Do I love flowers or nice underthings more?

Close call.

Last month I had the honor of creating fresh wearables for the Salem’s Scissors Spring 2018 Ediflorial (get it? Ediflorial/editorial?).

Click here for the fab lookbook! 

poe crown
Poe’s crown is made with iris, rose and acacia– one of my fav types of greenery, as I have memories harvesting buckets and buckets of it in California.

Alex Butterfield (Butterfield Photography) was our photographer, assisted by Francisco Escobar Mendez (Let’s Be Frank Photography). Working with them was a real treat. Alex was very thoughtful and made sure to get some shots just for me—that is, where the flowers were in the spotlight. I am very particular about how the flowers look <insert laugh/cry emoji and eyeroll emoji> but he welcomed my direction on set, and to that, I am very appreciative!

nicole chest

sabrina pic by

Salem’s Scissors handmade lingerie is special. It’s an impressive one-woman show featuring Sabrina Spörk Woodling.

Not only do I like to support people in my community, and women following their dreams/working for themselves, I like to surround myself with items that were crafted by actual hands, nearby (read: with heart, and locally).

Read more about Sabrina here. 

front liliana
Liliana in a mix & match set (Florencia top and Taylor bottoms) and a dozen-rose tribute to Frida.

Sophia Johnson did everyone’s makeup so flawlessly. Hair was done by Allie Hesse. Hearteyes for Nicole’s braid and Wylee’s curls (below).

wylee makeup
Wylee in killer hair and makeup.
hair nicole
Nicole in the Taylor top and Florencia bottoms. What’s cooler: the fabric was actually designed by Nicole herself!

Sabrina is currently working on a few items for me and I can’t wait! I chose the dark bouquet fabric (pictured below) paired with black mesh for the undies and dark violet velvet for the bra. As for styles, I got the Taylor set with removable Kitty Klips, which is what Katrina is wearing below. Sabrina is also making me six-clip garter belt and another pair of the high-waisted undies with hot hot pink velvet and a super-summery, bright floral print. Wheee!

katrina back
Katrina debuting “Kitty Klips” — added to the Taylor set.

Check out the Salem’s Scissor’s Etsy to place an order, and visit Instagram to see a whole gallery of lingerie sets in the making.

You can find the lovely people who modeled these skivvies and flowers on Instagram: Liliana, Poe, Nicole/ Tangibly Teal Creations, Wylee, Mikaela and Katrina.

Special thanks also to Cori Taylor who was the ever-helpful assistant.

behind the scenes

bts by poe
Poe snaps a selfie on set
liliana by me
Liliana: lingerie as outerwear! Photo by Ediflorial.
bts alex katrina
Alex and Katrina– they are pros! Photo by Sophia.
Outside the studio it was still winter. Mikaela wears a little floral fascinator hat and jumpsuit made by shoot assistant and awesome seamstress Cori Taylor. Photo by Ediflorial.

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