Winter Wreath Workshop | Abundance Farm

On December 2nd, Ediflorial found itself a bit south of the cities on a peaceful plot of land that’s recently become Abundance Farm. Along with Amanda Whiting, farm host and talented photographer, I led lovely women through the process of designing their own unique wreaths.

These cyclical symbols of seasonal rhythm are so fun because there are endless possibilities. I was pleased at how different everyone’s creations turned out to be!

We used a few kinds of evergreens, berries and many varieties of dried local botanicals. Lacy cyprus, incense cedar, silver brunia and eucalyptus pods had everyone in love. Gomphrena, rose hips, celosia and statice added pops of color and texture.

blue- grapes
Photo by Amanda Whiting

The workshop was extra special for Abundance Farm and Ediflorial in that it was both of our first events. Amanda and I are watching one another’s dreams unfold, and I can’t wait to partner with her on the farm again. Much gratitude to everyone who attended, and to everyone following and supporting our journeys.

One guest was also the caterer (not sure how I got so lucky!)- Marci of Mpossibly Good! She made the most delicious and beautiful spread.

Photo by Ediflorial

To read Amanda’s post about the event, click here!

large group pic
Photo by Amanda Whiting

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