Now Booking Weddings!

photo by Something Blue Boudoir

Congratulations on getting engaged!!

I would be honored to discuss being a part of your wedding celebration; Trans, non-binary, and Queer folks included!

You may want to inquire with me if you: 

  • see florals as an important and exciting aspect of your wedding day
  • want mostly locally grown and chemical free flowers
  • value the beauty of living in alignment with the seasons
  • wish to incorporate special or unconventional touches to designs
  • like to support independent businesswomen and small, creative companies
  • advocate for sustainable agriculture and food justice
  • want a socially progressive and warm, accepting vendor


How do I get started? 

The first step is to fill out this wedding inquiry form.  I am excited to hear about the details of your event!

How much do wedding flowers cost?

Most wedding planning sources will advise you to allocate 8-12% of your wedding budget to the flowers. Please have an idea of your budget range when you contact us.

Why don’t you have prices on your website?

No job is more customized than a wedding, and therefore we feel it’s just not useful to try and price items without having a conversation with you first. We follow industry standards for pricing based on supplies and complexity of design. Your vision and budget will shape the concepts we come up with, every time.

How are you sustainable? 

Unlike many florists, I let the seasons guide my business. This means I prioritize local growers who don’t use chemicals and I operate minimally during winter. I also refuse to use toxic floral foam (read more here), compost the leftover stems and leaves, and recycle plastic flower sleeves. Flowers are Earth’s beauty–why should we harm the earth when creating with them?

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