Play with flowers all you want! Stay tuned for announcements about the following workshops and classes, or join the newsletter for updates.


Friday Sept 27th: Local Flower Arranging at Common Roots Cafe. $40/person; register here.

Tuesday Oct 1st: Dried Flower Wreaths through Minneapolis Community Education. Create a modern wreath that will last forever! Stay tuned for registration link.


Friday, Dec 13th: Winter Yurt Retreat + Wreathmaking at Afton State Park! Stay tuned for details and the registration link (Via Airbnb) $110/person overnight- please bring dish for potluck dinner; breakfast is provided. Park vehicle permit required.

Thursday Dec 5th: Winter Wreathmaking at Common Roots Cafe. $50/person; stay tuned for registration link.

Spring and Summer 2020: Natural easter egg dyes, Mother’s Day bouquet, and local flower arranging classes. Plus, a nearby retreat in a yurt where you can make new friends, hit the beach, and go for a hike– plus play with flowers, of course.

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