Seasonal Planters

Front porch planters, windowboxes, urns and more! Let us plant your containers to look their best each season. We design for both residential and commercial clients, planting on the following approximate schedule:

Spring: April 1
Summer: May 15
Autumn: September 1
Winter: November 15

Service minimum: $200

Contact us for aquote – We’re excited to hear from you!

Please include:

  • dimensions and a photo of your planters
  • how much sun they get/what side of the building they’re on (in general, south and west facing areas get the most sun, while north and east get the least. Of course, this depends on shade cover from rooflines, trees and neighboring buildings)
  • color preferences

Additional Notes:

Clients are responsible for watering and maintenance (deadheading old blooms) of their new gardens each season.