love and purity

img_4144        img_4145

i dream of sourcing my Blooms from farms which i can hop in my car and visit. future plans include relocating to a spot where i can grow my own and/or partner with people working with the Land.

farmers markets are very dear to me, and i will gladly deliver products from them to you. when possible, i will pass your dollars onto them.

Flowers from events may be picked up and repurposed to places of your choosing (within reasonable distance) and/or composted. recycling = love.

in addition, i swear against using floral foam, a dangerous and popular carcinogen that’s tainting what is masked as a lovely industry. many florists also process their flowers with chemicals, but i’ve found a harmless anti-transpirant called wilt-pruf. it’s made from pine resin and it misting it on flowers helps them retain their moisture, which means they will last longer for you.

please compost your flowers when they die. that’s just a fancy way of saying, throw them in a secret place in your backyard to decompose naturally.


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