i deeply believe

that Flowers

are magical.

in one Blossom, they hold the Beauty and the Secrets of the entire Universe.


thus, i believe they enhance our lives–

both daily and in celebrations.


one Blossom is a story from a Seed being buried in the Darkness, being nourished by unseen Rain and Sun, to Sprout breaking through, a process of growth and expansion until it finally bursts into Bloom, to exclaim itself before being recycled to start this process all over again. and again. and again.


Ediflorial is a floral design studio located on Singing River Farm in Southern Vermont. We produce chemical-free flowers using permaculture techniques. Our designs are innovative and seasonal, and we look forward to picking blooms from the field to match your vision. At times we may source blooms from other nearby growers, supporting the farmers in our area in order to build a stronger community and healthier planet.