Flower Club FAQs

Is Flower Club like a CSA?

It’s only like a CSA in that 100% of the flowers come from small, nearby, sustainable farms. It is *not* like a CSA in a few ways: it’s not farm-direct. I purchase materials from many different farms to curate a product with the utmost variety and interest. It is also *not* priced like a CSA, which often have more volume and do not have a middle-man (think: bulk sales).

How big are the arrangements?

Think: petite arrangements with premium flowers. We don’t prioritize the size of the bouquets; we prioritize the coolest stuff that’s available week to week, so this will vary slightly but they always come in the same sized vase.

How are local flowers different than grocery store flowers?

Aside from environmental differences in growing methods, those flowers are hardy types that can be shipped far and wide in mass quantities. Local flowers are cut fresh then carried carefully in buckets of water. Therefore, we can offer you more delicate and interesting types of flowers as we aren’t limited to what can survive dry in a box for a week. We don’t want to give you the same things available everywhere else, anyway.

Who is Flower Club for?

If you want to move through the seasons learning about as many different types of flowers as possible; if you want to support sustainable businesses; if you want to enjoy the less common and more unique types of flowers you can’t find elsewhere, then Flower Club is for you!