Kelly + Jesse | May 11

Dear Kelly + Jesse– may you continually return to the joy that is seen here, the joy that permeated your wedding day and everyone who was a part of it.

Kelly’s bridesmaids wore an excellently curated variety of gowns instead of all one style or color. Crushed velvet, sequins, tulle and lace in warm tones, paired with silhouettes that each person chose– perfection.

You don’t have to get married in a black suit. Lighten up! I love the ties they chose, too.

When choosing a photographer, make sure they have the tendency to capture the details. Look in their portfolios for macro shots of the rings, flowers, cake, and other elements that you don’t want to lose sight of after the event. After all– you’ve spent months planning these exact details.

Hooray!! The Delanders!!!

Guess what? You’re allowed to have whoever you want in the wedding party. If you’re a bride-to-be whose best friend isn’t a woman, or who wants your brother to stand by you, take it from this rad wedding party.

Green and white, simple elegance on a spring day. May the sun shine on you, and may you forever hold one another each time the moon comes out.

Beautiful moments captured by Dainty Meadows Photography.

I absolutely loved the flowers, you did such a perfect job. Thank you for your beautiful work, and your truly lovely service and personality, you were a joy to work with!

Kelly (bride) on Ediflorial

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