Summer Flower Club 2019

Flower Club is a service where you get to enjoy sustainably grown flowers every week! We just finished up the 6 week summer session, and the autumn session begins in September.

Here’s a few snapshots from the session:

See below for the list (organized chronologically) of over forty different flowers that made an appearance over the course of the six weeks! And remember, they were all grown hyper locally without chemicals.

Flower List:

Fragrant Bells of Ireland
Snapdragons in Lilac Blush, Pink and Yellow
La Belle Epoch Double Tulips 
Salmon & Apricot Parrot Tulips 
Wine Bearded Iris 
Violet and Lilac Delphinium 
Miami Sunset Tulips
Sorbonne Bearded Iris 
Queen Anne’s Lace
Salmon Chantilly Snapdragons
Heartstring Strummer Bearded Iris 
Violet Delphinium 
Italian Anemones
Queen Anne’s Lace
Renown Unique Double Tulips 
Prairie Smoke 
Muscari / Grape Hyacinth
White Ranunculus 
Antoinette Tulips
Marshmallow Ranunculus 
Coral Bells
Pastel Anemone
Icelandic Poppies
Orange & Yellow Ranunculus
Corbonna Salvia
Rosea Anemone
Foxtail Barley
Golden Flowering Ninebark 
Mountain Mint
Madame Butterfly Snapdragons
Saucy Seduction Yarrow
Champagne Lisianthus
Dalmation Peach Digitalis 
Noblessa Yarrow
Camelot Lavender Digitalis 

** Big thank yous to Prairie Garden Farm, Northerly Flora, and the Twin Cities Flower Exchange growers for making this all possible by growing and sourcing beautiful plants that honor the land.

Here’s how Flower Club works:

  1. Register for the upcoming season.
  2. Choose the most convenient pickup location for you.
  3. Receive weekly reminders that it’s Flower Day!
  4. Pickup your arrangement between 12pm & 6pm and swap out your vase from the previous week (vases fit in car cupholders, too!).
  5. Take nice care of your bouquet all week, or gift one to a friend once in a while!

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