Vendor Spotlight: Common Roots Catering

What would it look like to plan a sustainable wedding? Is that possible?

Short answer: yes.

Long Answer: I’m going to be taking ya’ll on a tour of the Twin Cities– that is, you’ll find a series of blog posts highlighting businesses and independent creatives who have values that align with ours. These places and people are Queer-friendly, speak out about the prevalence and work to change racism and sexism, and they care about the Earth.

In planning a wedding or event, often the date, venue and catering details are first to be worked out. Let’s take a look at one full-service caterer who is very transparent about their values.

Common Roots Catering Logo

Not only do they publish names of local farms they source from, they also share the percentages of dollars spent on the following food categories: local, organic, fair trade, sustainable seafood and conventional.

Services: Common Roots is a full-service caterer. This means they will work with you to plan a custom gourmet menu (including vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free menus). They will staff your event, provide bar service, and to top it all off, they’ll make sure it’s everything is composted!

On their website, Common Roots Catering lists the following featured venues: Anahata Collaborative, Machine Shop, Lundstrum Performing Arts, Orchestra Hall, Galewoods Farm, Elm Creek Chalet, Silverwood, Day Block Event Center and the Neu Neu. They work with many more places around and outside the Twin Cities; see their map for a full list.

If you are planning any event, large or small, I encourage you to find a caterer who honors the land by working with local farmers, and whose business model lifts up the community in a positive way.

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