Pre-Wedding Inquiry Checklist

It’s wedding season! Here are some questions to ask yourself before reaching out to floral designers.

1. Do I have a floral budget?
2. Do I know how many people are in the wedding party?
3. Do I have an idea of  what decorative elements I want for the ceremony and reception?

Use this handy checklist to get your floral vision in order.

Personal Flowers for the Couple 

___ # bouquets
___ # crowns
___ # boutonnieres
___ # other wearable (necklace, cuff/sleeve, hat)

Personal Flowers for the Wedding Party + 

___ # wedding party bouquets
___ # wedding party crowns
___ # wrist corsages (i.e. for planner, officiant, parents of couple)
___ # wedding party boutonnieres

Ceremony Flowers 
___ altar garland/arbor/chuppah
___# altar arrangements
___# aisle arrangements

Reception Flowers 
___ head table decor
___ # guest tables (if no head table, total # of tables)
Shape and size of tables: _____________________________
___ centerpieces per table
___ garlands
___ statement arrangements (i.e. for gift table, entry)

Additional Options: 
___ flower confetti
___ wreaths (fresh or keepsake)
___ toss petals
___ cake flowers
___ tear down
___ after-party donation
___ other: __________________

If you are ready to pass along this info to me, fill out the Wedding Inquiry Form! 

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