Ediflorial @ Singing River Farm


I relocated from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Rockingham, Vermont.

Singing River Farm is my new home. It is a 17-acre farm owned by Laurel Green and Steve Crofter. I met them and worked here for three weeks in 2015, and we have remained friends since then. They invited me to partner with them, and so, Ediflorial’s dream of being a seasonal, sustainable design company is coming to fruition!

As you likely know, I WWOOFed for a year all around the country, working the last 6 months on a flower farm in Madera, California (I get around.) I went back to MN and launched Ediflorial but was mildly heartbroken purchasing from the wholesaler.

On Singing River Farm, I am able to grow my own flowers. This will be my first season really growing anything of my own. It’s one thing to WWOOF on other farms and it’s another to head your own projects!

Singing River Farm is equipped with plenty of space, a market/delivery van, and even a cold storage room. More valuable than that, Laurel and Steve are both a wealth of knowledge, love and dedication to improving the planet. They are committed to dismantling racism, sexism and homophobia. The farm is operated in accordance with permaculture and organic methods.

They started a non-profit called CASP, the Community Asylum Seeker’s Project, and we can expect an asylum-seeking family from either El Salvador, Honduras, or Guatemala any time now, to move into a newly renovated apartment. I have to learn Spanish, like, yesterday!

Ediflorial is at a pivotal place. As I’ll be working off-farm a bit this summer (more on that later) and am brand new to the area, I am not planting a ton. Late summer and fall I hope to make some beautiful arrangements and wreaths with my very own crops. How special that will be! I hope to have a workshop schedule out soon.

My hope is to be operating fully as a farmer florist next season. I would like to focus primarily on weddings and events, exclusively with local flowers. The industry is undergoing an incredible shift towards small, sustainable operations, and I believe we can all work together to further propel the world into responsible beauty.


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