flower club

the first rule of flower club is that you don’t talk about flower club.

just kidding.

please do!!

beautiful $40 bouquets custom designed and delivered* to you (or a recipient) once every month.

to keep the price point comfy, the date may fluctuate on this– for example, if you want to participate in bouquet of the month club so that you can gift Flowers to others on certain occasions (like, say, national gay uncle day: august 14), then it’s probably a good idea to have the bouquet delivered on that date this means other club members need to be flexible about the dates their arrangements are delivered. creating one bouquet at a time is much, much more costly than creating several. i can do that, but not for $40.

packages are available in three month bundles or more and can be purchased via paypal. please email amberkristinenewman@gmail.com or use the contact form on this website to sign up.

you can also give flower club as a gift. I will prepare a lovely, handmade certificate of flower love for you to give or can mail it to your lucky chosed reciepient.

remember: a club needs people, but as long as two or more people are in it, we’re good! three or ten would be fabulous, so tell your friends!

*only deliveries requiring more than a 30 min drive will incur an additional fee


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